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A collectible bouquet of the future Let's send NFT digital bouquet

People give flowers in different scenes of life. Whenever you are happy, sad, on a special day, or on casual everyday, people commit their feelings that they can not put into words to flowers. METAFLORIST is a new era of flower shop that allows people around the world to freely send flowers online across all borders, including countries, religions, languages, cultures and races. A combination of plant forms and flowers that cannot be found in reality. A collectible bouquet of an environmentally friendly future by taking the advantage of the unique characteristics of digital. To explore the shape of flowers that evolve with the times, and to convey the power of flowers that will not change in the future. That's the mission of the METAFLORIST.



METAFLORIST is a digital flower specialty store that offers limited quantities of NFT-based digital art flowers (digital bouquets) and online gift services. Even if you don't have NFT knowledge or have a virtual currency, you can purchase a digi-bouquet just as easily as you would normally do online shopping and send it to your loved ones as an original video with a message. Of course, you can also enjoy collecting them for yourself.

NFT stands for "Non Fungable Token", and is the only digital data that is difficult to replicate or forge.

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About AMFC

Azuma Makoto's Philosophy

Azuma Makoto, the flower artist, has been pursuing the beauty of flowers and plants from his artistic point of view by maximizing the charms of flowers as life.


He runs the haute-couture floral shop, “JARDINS des FLEURS”, which does not generate any flower loss, and develops experimental creation by using flowers and plants through "Azuma Makoto, Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK)".


He launched a new NFT digital flower speciality store, "METAFLORIST", which allows people to give each other a flower bouquet as a gift online, to explore future appearance of flowers and deliver the universal values of flowers.

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